Learning Wire



There are very few people that teach Wire Art techniques and yet, more than a few people that create in Wire. The answer to the puzzle is simple, people working with Wire usually find their own way about it. They develop their own technique and teach themselves. The result is a multitude of styles and an interesting variety.


Another result is found in the restrictions each sculptor sets for himself while working, such as sculpting with a single thread as described earlier.


I found this note on the internet:



Working with wire is really just a way of drawing in three-dimensional space. While drawing on paper or canvas offers a view into another world, sculpture lives with you in space and in the moment.


We will use wire to find linear expression and a suggestion of volume. The results range from being surprisingly simple (think Calder!) or excitingly complex.


Using steel and copper wire, students will explore simple forms through techniques of bending, joining, wrapping and weaving. Through these techniques, we will explore the versatility of this medium by incorporating movement and/or the inclusion of ...



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