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Wire Sculpture is about movement, it's about freedom and impressions. One twist of the wire may change the entire atmosphere of a statue. The flexibility of the wires allows for each artist to discover his own technique and how to go about his sculpting. Some of the most difficult restrictions are defined by the artists themselves. Some will not allow but wire twisting, others, work with a single thread, some may restrict themselves to specific materials while others will include beads. Paperclips are also game.


All techniques are accepted as long as we are working with wire.


All wires are acceptable for Wire Sculpting. Copper, threaded steel, tin and any other metal wire will serve for sculpting. Pipe cleaning straws paperclips, coated electricity wires may be your raw material for sculpting. The same goes for wire thickness. 0.5 mm, 0.6 mm, 1.25 mm and 3 mm or any other you want to work with, all will serve. And if more examples are needed, fence wire and barbed wire, will do. No restrictions apply as long as we are using some kind of wire.


Yes you can add other materials to your wire, but make sure what you are doing is mostly wire. 



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