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In 2004, Wire Artist Elizabeth Berrien founded Wire Sculpture International, the worldwide guild of wire sculptors. The guild is inactive but the significance of this declaration should be noted.


From Elizabeth Berriens site:

The Mission of Wire Sculpture International

To create and maintain a web Directory of international wire sculptors.

To create and maintain a web site to fulfill as many aspects of our mission as possible.

To enable wire sculptors to find, identify and communicate with each other. 

To gain greater visibility, credibility, prestige and respect for wire sculpture as a medium. 

To create and/or increase standards of quality and workmanship within the medium (design, durability, etc) (define student, amateur & professional status, etc).

To promote the furtherance of the medium.

To conduct specific promotion to museums, fine art galleries, etc to improve their view of wire sculpture as a medium (traveling exhibits, juried shows, etc).

To research and document the history of the medium while 20th century pioneers and innovators are still living.

To create a wire sculpture reference library.

To share wire sculpture techniques.

To explore applications of creative wire sculpture technique to industrial applications.

To document the diversity and evolution of emerging techniques within the medium.

To create publications about wire sculpture, including textbooks on "how to".

To create wire sculpture workshops for educators to encourage "open-ended" wire sculpture classes.

To create scholarships and other awards for promising wire sculptors and students. 

To promote the personal and professional well-being of wire sculptors including.

To provide group/volume opportunities/discounts in insurance, merchant services, advertising, promotion (web design, etc) workshops on marketing and other business skills, bulk/group buying, conventions, exhibits, etc.

To encourage and enable students as well as experienced wire sculptors to explore and invent new wire sculpture techniques.




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