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A System Engineer and procurement expert who had an opportunity, some years ago to "restart" - change his career. Taking the opportunity in both hands, turning away from my former occupation my hobby became a profession. Wire Art and Art took the front stage! 


Wire Art is fascinating. Wire, the simplest of materials, is an under appreciated media that allows many different forms of expression. A thread holds the power to express so many states of our soul with only the basics - a single line. With Wire I draw, sculpt and express.


I wish you find pleasure in my art and all the best!



Arik Afek Wire Aritist

Artist's Statement 

Girl Kneeling. single wire thread. Wire sculpture. Wire Art by Arik Afek

I am an engineer, sculptor artist and I'm curious (it rhimes in Hebrew). I want to know a more, to meet people, many people, to experience, live, try and then do some more, create... I want to touch people with my Art, to see my works through their eyes and feel what they do when they meet it, experience it. I want to create a Wave, to Influence, to spread the message that we are all people, human beings, that there is no reason for us to fight or use or abuse one another, over the pretence of religion, gender or whatever. I wish for people to understand that there is enough space here for everyone. There is enough, no doubt, but we need to make sure there will be enough also for our children and theirs...

Wire allows me to express emotions through the smallest movements of the line. A twist here a bend there will give the work I'm doing a completely different meaning. Minimalism is strong with the understatement and I want to shout it out loud!

Wire is eco-friendly, light and with relatively little impact on our surroundings. Beyond it, every material, every used or discarded object, scraps and leftovers may serve me for my Art. I am always trying to keep the environment in mind. For the all of today's children's children that will walk this earth one day.

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