Talking Heads - January 2012

"Talking Heads" was first exhibited at the "Gallerina Gallery" in "Bat Shlomo", in October 2011, Curator Ilan Segal. It was then exhibited at the "Jerusalem Theatre Gallery", on a larger scale, Curator Noga Arad Ayalon.


"Talking Heads" is about people. It's about stopping for a moment to take a look around us, and maybe take a peek at the people we meet on the sidewalk. The drawings capture those people we usually don't even notice. The portraits attempt to say something about them, maybe a little about their character, or their feelings. Just like two complete strangers, crossing each other on the street, a single glance caught between two eye blinks, is all we are allowed, and from that glance we are encouraged to induce what we can about them. The city portraits "speak" expression and feelings. The single wire threads aim for minimalism but do not pose a restriction, on the contrary. It is used to enhance the statement and the expression. A few twists and curves speak to us without words, saying feelings, longings and even a wink (-; .

Arik Afek

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