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Threads of Thought - December 2014

Plane - Art by Arik Afek

Threads of Thought, exhibition by Arik Afek at the IDC Herzliya Library, December 2014

"Threads of Thought", offered my Art a unique setting, The Mark Rich Library at IDC Herzliya. Initiator, Curator and the living spirit behind the exhibition is Aviva Aviel, who with intelligence and sensitivity, helped a very special exhibition come to life. The Idea was to place my Art in the library and give it a living setting in lieu of the clean sometimes "sterile" gallery setting. The miniatures found themselves on the shelves, between the books, Portraits were placed, facing the students at the computer stations. I guess the pictures speak for themselves.

Wire Portrait by Arik Afek
Plane at IDC by Arik Afek
hanging 5 wire portraits Arik Afek
Biker at IDC by Arik Afek
Lady by Arik Afek with Aviva Aviel
girl kneeling by Arik Afek
IDC shelves with Arik Afek
5 wire portrait - detail by Afek
Shelves at IDC with Arik Afek 2
IDC with Arik Afek
Talking Heads at IDC by Afek Arik
IDC exhibition by Arik Afek
invitation to Threads of Thought
Dancer at IDC by Arik Afek
IDC exhibition by Arik Afek
Statuettes by Arik Afek at IDC
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