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To Float Between the Wires - May 2013

To Float between the Wires - exhibition by Arik Afek, Hadera Artist's Gallery, April 2013

"To Float between the Wires" was exhibited at the "Hadera Artists Gallery" in "Hadera", April - May 2013. Curator for the exhibition was a real pro, a very talented and a good friend, Dr. Anton Biederman who acomanied me from the first concept to the standingd exhibition.


The exhibition deals with time and material and the interactions between them. The exhibition filled the entire top floor of the Gallery, with one very large space of approx. 7X13 meters, a hall and a smaller room.

Two works were displayed in the smaller room: "Matter up Close" and "Dice".


"Matter up Close" displays a statuette of a winged angel landing, while on the wall the spectator sees a very large close up of the statuette. The closer you look at the statuette, the concrete becomes abstract. Very close you may see the material and its defects, a subject discussed in several of the works in the exhibition. What is the relation between the angel and the material it is made of? Are we people made of the same materials? On the other corner of the room, a very large "Dice" made of building iron mesh, with portraits on all sides. Here, the game of life is examined, as the people find themselves "on top" of things or in a lesser situation. What future are we drawing? The portraits, a moment frozen in time are placed against the unknown future. 


The larger room displayed "plane", an installation of five large frames with portraits floating in them. The planes intersect but the people inside do not interact, each of them locked in his own plane. Like the portraits on the Dice, there is no communication between them with the questions left open for the spectator to answer.


On the wall facing the "plane", 21 portraits made of the same 5 pieces of wire, but placed differently on concrete and photographed. "Five Wire Portrait", returns to the subject of material, Iron and Concrete, and asks how different can we be if we are all made of the same building blocks. On the other wall 3 wire portraits fused in glass. "Decay", is frozen in time by the glass raising the question of longevity and time. A smaller dice, "dice 2" and a human scaled wire sculpture "Galvanized Hero", complete the exhibition.

Angel Landing by Arik Afek
Angel Landing Art by Arik Afek
Angel by Arik Afek - detail
Large Dice by Arik Afek
Large dice - detail by Arik Afek
Arik Afek's exhibition in Hsadera
Five wire Portrait - detail
Five wire Portrait - by Arik Afek
wear art by Arik Afek
Wear - detail by Arik Afek
wear detail 1 by Arik Afek
Anton Biederman and Arik Afek
Plane - Art by Arik Afek
Plane - detail by Arik Afek
Plane detail 2 by Arik Afek
Plane - detail 3 by Arik Afek
Small Dice - detail by Arik Afek
Small Dice  by Arik Afek
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