Farewell to Zoran - November 2014

The idea was simple. After 18 years we were moving from our home in Zoran to Herzliya. If we were moving then there should be a few days when the house is empty before we hand the keys to the new tennants. Empty house, a few days perhaps a weekend, then we can turn the house into a gallery, and host an exhibition.


Roni Oz curated and yours truly assisted as the handyman for hanging the pieces on the walls. Each part of the house received a different subject or focus. Invitations were printed to be distributed to neighbors friends and the general public.


The opening evening of the exhibition, a Jazz Band of my son and his friends, got the atmosphere going with over 2 hours of excellent music.


Some of the works were exposed for the first time and we said goodbye to many neighbors who saw my Art for the first time.

Arik Afek

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