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Out of the Box Jack - Feb. 2013

Jack's Box by Arik Afek

Out of the box Jack at the Netanya City Hall exhibition "Non-sense", Feb 2013

"Out of the Box Jack" takes the concept of "Talking Heads" in a different direction. This time we do not face a multitude of people, portraits, but a single one - Jack. His portrait repeats and speaks to us from all directions. He is looking at us from all sides of the box, he is not entirely flat. If we turn him around we shall see something different from every angle. "Out of the Box Jack", was exhibited in two group exhibitions, the first in Raanana Lake Gallery, on February 2013, and in Netanya City Hall Gallery, on April 2013. "Out of the Box Jack", is a set of 3 pieces: "Jack", "The Box", and "Homage". "The Box", is empty, Jack looks at us from all sides of the box but is no longer there. He is gone. "Jack" is free and searching, displaying something different from every angle you look at him. "Homage" pays a tribute to the Analytical Cubism, with Jack repeated 4 times, but with "advantage" of the Wire. The fourth Jack is "jumping" out of the plane of the drawing, into space, adding the third dimension possible in Wire.

Jack 9 by Arik Afek
Jack 1 by Arik Afek
Jack 8 by Arik Afek
Jack 2 by Arik Afek
Jack 10 by Arik Afek
Jack 3 by Arik Afek
Jack 4 by Arik Afek
Jack's Box - closeup by Arik Afek
Hommage to analytic cubism by Afek
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