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Totem - April 2015

Totem by Arik Afek 1
Totem by Arik Afek 2
Totem by Arik Afek 3

"Totem", a group exhibition, opened at the Herzliya Gallery in April 2015. I joined the exhibition, at the last moment, with a piece I made for the exhibition.


Concrete and steel are, together, a symbol of the era we live in. They are the basic materials of which our sky scrapers are made of, the towers, that reach unimaginable heights. Some will claim these towers, sky scrapers, are the modern day Totems. With the towers all around us, it is just expectable that the spirits of old will wear the new form. Thus the concrete and wire, as the representatives of the sprits, took the form of a heavy base with the airy wire tower. 

Totem by Arik Afek 4
Totem by Arik Afek 5
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