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Breaking the Rules - Feb. 2016


Carpet, 736 tin cans Art Installation by Arik Afek, at Herzliya Gallery, Feb 2016

Transformation. The exhibition dealt with the transformation of everyday objects into Art. In Hebrew you use the same expression for "breaking the rules" and breaking household objects. Thus the exhibition had a subject with two meanings.


The carpet is present in every house, for decoration, insulation and along with its price, as a symbol of status. "Carpet" by Arik Afek, included several layers of transformation: Tin cans were turned into Art. Used and now useless food storage cans, regained a purpose. The continuous was broken into separate elements. The threads were disconnected, fragmented into elements. The design was pixeled. The physical was transformed to the language of mathematics and computers while a matrix of cans was created. The functionality of the carpet was discarded, you can no longer step on it or hang it on the wall. The practical object turned into the conceptual. The flat object became three dimensional. The household item found in any culture around the globe became "untouchable".


Carpet, detail 6
Carpet at Hezliya Gallery
Carpet, detail
Carpet, detail 1
Carpet, Detail 2
Carpet, Detail 3
Carpet, Detail 4
Carpet, Detail 5
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