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November 23, 2014

"Threads of Thought", a solo exhibition of my works opened today in the Marc Rich Library at IDC Herzliya. I never thought a library would be the perfect place for displaying my Art!


October 30, 2014

A small dream came into being yesterday. Moving to a new home after 18 years in Zoran, our old home became a gallery for the weekend. An exhibition, curated and well prepared by Roni Oz from Yotzrim Galley, enabled me to display many of my previously unexposed works. Plus, my teenage boy and his friends gave us a two and a half hour Jazz concert to accompany the opening of the exhibition!


September 07, 2014

"Kadima Art festival" will take place this weekend, and preparations are on the way...


July 01, 2014

"Man and his world", a group Exhibition of Israeli artists opened in Milano Museum of Science and Art. I am represented by two wire on canvas pieces.

Arik Einstein

May 29, 2014

Netanya's Artists Group, Yearly Exhibition. This year's subject was Arik Einstein, Israeli leading singer known by every Israeli, who passed away earlier this year. A real superstar performer in Israel. The format, a bit unusual 60X120 cm. I submitted an acrylic on Canvas piece named "The Basketball Court". It displays his love for sports and his personal history as a basketball player. The main motive is “the missing present”. The court is there but you don’t see the basket, the tree gives its shade but that is all you see except for the trunk. Arik Einstein is there, in his spirit only… The picture won Netanya's Mayor Award and next year I’ll have a solo exhibition at the Cliff Gallery, Netanya.

44 Degrees

April 06, 2014

Finally had a chance to peek into FB and find that 44 Degrees online magazine has included me in its new issue: Secrets. A blessed and excellent Magazine by Artist Tammy Mike Lauffer!

Super Weekend

April 04, 2014

A super weekend. Two Passover events! The first, a Magma group exhibition in my Raanana studio. Our second floor is dedicated to an ongoing exhibition, and Raanana Open house weekend is dedicated to a new exhibition. The second is The Tel Mond Art Fair.I have a hard time being in two places at the same time and yet, the yearly Art Fair in Tel Mond is an event I enjoy very much! People of all ages from Tel Mond and actually, all of Israel come to this event. I present mostly my smaller pieces and my heart fills when I watch the kids come into the house and like a magnet, are drawn towards my Art. 


Base One

March 26, 2014


A new stand for my wire portrait, the “Laughing Man”, gives a whole new dimension to the piece. I was looking for the right material for quite some time now, and what I took from a construction site seems to be just what was needed. A very massive concrete base in contrast to the very lightweight semi kinetic sculpture!


March 17, 2014

I have been quite busy with many things and have neglected my site! But worry not because all is well and I shall gradually fill up the gaps and tell you all about what happened and what's new. For example this online exhibition:

City Hall

February 19, 2014

5 Wire Portraits.

Series I

February 11, 2014

A group exhibition at the Netanya City Hall Gallery. My 5 Wire Portraits are displayed as a long series of portraits on the long corridor wall next to the City's conference room...

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