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News Archive 2015 

New York

October 10, 2015

A group exhibition, in New York. Artists participating are Artists that their works appeared in the online magazine 44 degrees.

Tel Aviv

September 03, 2015

We found in the paper an invitation to come to Tel Aviv, Rothchild boulevard for a free drawing session. So, on this beautiful friday morning, we joind the people who came with their notebooks, pencils and watercolors...

Non Sense

August 09, 2015

Sensing Art, the magnificent project will go on without me. Hadera mayor has decided to close down the "Hadera's Aritsts House", managed by Dr. Anton Biederman, where I had a couple of years ago my exhibition "To Float Between the Wires".The reasons are probably political. Anton is identified with the previous mayor... So, at the last moment I find myself with no place to display my work. I have been working on it for a year and now, nothing. I have decided to try and help Anton, any way I can including petitions, a letter to the minister of Arts a

Tying an exhibition

July 15, 2015

A year of thoughts and preparations arrived to its goal as we built the exhibition today. Beeing very biased I can only say, come and judge for yourselves. It is my best solo exhibition yet.


July 08, 2015

While preparations are almost done for "tie" which we will hang in a few days, I am participating in a Group exhibition at the Herzliya Gallery. 3 of my works are displayed, Laughing Man, Torso, Half a smile.

Sensing Art

June 09, 2015

Today I met again Artist Veronica Elran. Over a year ago I was invited by Veronica to join a special project, "Sensing Art". The Idea is to create Art available, also, to non seeing people. Note, not Art for non seeing people but Art that non seeing people could also enjoy without feeling someone did something special for them! Veronica is the initiator of the entire project that will include 3 exhibitions opened around the country, lectures and more. 

Veronica liked my project which is to create a very visual text using Braille and also a cipher for seeing people so they will also work to understand the written words...

Showcase 2015

May 12, 2015

Tzipi Tal is a friend and a graphic designer. I have placed my new Showcase in her very good hands so that the book I publish will look as good as it should. I have been learning during this process the significance of fonts, and a few tricks of the trade. The most important lesson was that when you need something professional, go to one. Don't save money on professional assistance. Thank you Tzipi.


May 06, 2015

Preparations for the "Tie" exhibition are proceeding well. Today I met Aviva Aviel, my friend and curator at IDC "threads of Thought" exhibition. I showed her what I was planning for July August, and invited her to be my curator for the exhibition. 

The invitation was followed by a warning that the exhibition might not be realised this year because of plans for renovating the Gallery. We are all in the dark about plans by Netaya Municipality but I have decided to br optimistic and have everything ready. 

Wire and Concrete Totem

April 20, 2015

My first appearance as a member of the Herzliya Artists Association. I have joined this group exhibition, at the last moment, creating my version of Totems.


April 11, 2015

My first appearance as a member of the Herzliya Artists Association. I have joined this group exhibition, at the last moment, creating my version of Totems.

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