Wire on the Street



There are many forms to Wire Art. You may encounter it displayed on the street, and in art museums as well. You may see unique statues as well as mass production ones. In Thailand, we found motorcycles and Predators in the dozens, all the same, just waiting for the tourist to pick them up.





A more interesting mass prod wire art, we found in Sophia flea market, in Bulgaria.



South African Wire Art usually incorporates Wires and beads. It is a form of art born in rural South Africa by young herdsmen seeking entertainment. It was quickly adopted and is now regarded as a symbol of the country along with Nelson Mandela and their sunny skies. In south Africa, we found Wire Art at its best.


Entire “factories”, for production of Wire Art. In these workshops, there were dozensof people creating statuettes and also larger scale works, covering them with beads. You can meet them on many street corners and practically everywhere.





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